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Track Record



Sketches from the Palace at Knossos (18 chapters) Historical novel-in-progress, set in the goddess culture of Minoan Crete. Individual chapters posted.

Short Stories (8 stories)

Little Potato Has Some Adventures (b/w cartoons)

Barnacle Bill Jumps Ship Children's book (with Marcia Vaughan)

.PDF format

The Place Where East Begins A fairy tale of the search for Truth. (Large print: meant to be read aloud)

.PDF format

The Gate of Truth Another fairy tale of the search for Truth.

.PDF format


On the Submissiveness of Women in Tango First published in the Club Tango Newsletter.  (also available in Spanish)

Magic Harbor (21 chapters) Living at anchor in Puget Sound. Individual chapters posted.

Snapshots of My Daughter, Turning Newspaper length memoir.

Dream Logs I used to fancy the illusion of a rational mind.

How To Dress A Nymph A metaphorical exploration of reality and illusion.

The Philosophy Niche

Electric Buddha A digital-graphic tribute to the Heart Sutra. ( Graphics intensive.) Links and Commentary

Darsana Mala The mystical visionary poem by Narayana Guru, 19th c. Indian mystic. (Not previously published in the west.) PROVENANCE.

Narayana Gurukula cyberCommunity

How Do I Know? Comparison of knowledge systems of science, mysticism, and common sense. Chapbook.

Pythagorean Mosaic Brief intro to Pythagorean philosophy and mathematics (particularly the mathematics of music.) Chapbook.


Models and metaphors of Transformation.
Guarding the Flower Seeds A Tibetan transformation
.PDF format

For the Estuarians at the Millennium An American transformation
.PDF format


Words and pictures
(or the other way around)

Lady, suppose...

Tantra #1

Tantric Tara II



Letters to my Lady, Apart (7 poems)

Remembering (9 poems)

Misc poems (8 poems)

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